Beecher Jr. High Students Envision Beecher in 2040!

On Wednesday, December 19th, 2018, about 30 Beecher Jr. High students took a break from their normal activities to talk about the future of their community in focus groups.  The two 30-minute sessions went by fast, but the brilliant minds of District 200U didn’t let that stop them from sharing a whole lot of ideas!

Read the summary of the Focus Groups here!

Some Highlights:

What word comes to mind when you think “Beecher”?

  • Home…Friendly….Orange
  • Small….Tiny….Boring…Quiet
  • Buddy’s Drive-In!

Just Sayin’….

Thinking ahead to a Beecher in 2040, students are looking forward to having more recreational opportunities (including more neighborhood parks), more shopping options, more and different places to eat and better connectivity via sidewalks around town.

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