The wait is over — the Village of Beecher has adopted the Beecher 2040 Comprehensive Plan!

Cover Page

The Village Board approved the Beecher 2040 Comprehensive Plan at the Tuesday, October 15th, 2019 meeting.  View the full adopted plan here!

It looks great….but what do I do with this plan?

Comprehensive Plans are useful for everyone and some of the ways you can use the plan are outlined in the Executive Summary, available in English, and in Spanish.

What’s in the Plan?

The chapters discuss a number of topics — all of which are important — but if you have a particular interest, start with the chapter that fits best to learn about the situation in Beecher and the plan’s recommendations:

  1. Introduction
    • Overview of past planning efforts in Beecher and demographic growth trends
  2. Creating the Vision
    • Explanation of the planning process, including how the Beecher 2040 Plan was informed by a variety of leaders and stakeholders
  3. A Resilient Community
    • Recommendations to increase Beecher’s ability to be resilient in the face of population changes, land use/development goals, and how intergovernmental cooperation plays a part in coordinated regional planning
  4. A Great Plan to Live
    • Recommendations regarding housing needs and demand, attracting and retaining residents, aging in place, and maintaining community facilities
  5. Enhanced Parks + Recreation Opportunities
    • Recommendations regarding improving parkland access, recreation options, and programming for all ages
  6. Convenient + Safe Mobility
    • Recommendations regarding bike and pedestrian mobility and infrastructure, regional transportation connections, and truck + train nuisance mitigation
  7. A Revitalized Downtown
    • Recommendations to enliven downtown, the Future Land Use Plan, and marketing and signage opportunities to help make Downtown Beecher a local and regional destination
  8. Expanded Job Opportunities + Tax Base
    • Recommendations to expand employment opportunity, take advantage of industrial and commercial business demand, use development incentives, kick-start residential development demand
  9. A Sustainable Community
    • Recommendations to improve waste management + increase diversion, expand use of alternative/renewable energy, improve water quality + reduce pollution, and Capital Improvements Plan goals
  10. Implementation
    • Discussion about the plan as a living document, recommended development regulations, partnerships, resources, priorities, implementation guide
  11. Appendix
    • Includes commonly used acronyms in the plan, marketing sheets, an alternative future land use vision, and the Existing Conditions Report